Exploring the Best Snorkeling Spots in Northwest Florida

Discover 12 amazing snorkeling spots in Northwest Florida! From Dry Turtles National Park to Destin FL - explore crystal clear waters full with marine life!

Exploring the Best Snorkeling Spots in Northwest Florida

The Sunshine State is renowned for its white-sand beaches and year-round pleasant climate, but the life below the water's surface is just as exciting. Nicknamed the Emerald Coast, the western coast that borders the Gulf of Mexico has waters of different shades of green and picturesque and unmistakable views. From the Emerald Coast to the turquoise waters of Palm Beaches and beyond, Florida's more than 1,000 miles of coastline offer some of the best places to snorkel. Are you looking for a unique snorkeling experience in Northwest Florida? Whether you want to enjoy the relaxing waters, find the teeth of sharks, or come face to face with tropical fish and stingrays, here are 12 of the best places to do so.

Discover the enormous fortress found in the center of the 100 square mile Dry Turtles National Park. The seven small islands offer the possibility to explore the calm, unspoilt waters and remarkable maritime construction. As the name suggests, this dive destination often provides an opportunity to be close to sea turtles. In addition to sea turtles, corals, starfish and various tropical fish, seeing the underwater world is a completely new experience.

Located on the north end of Hutchison Island in Martin County, Bathtub Reef Beach is a picturesque spot to explore, ideal for families. The beach owes its name to the calm waterbath conditions created by the reef system just off the coast. The reef is home to more than 500 varieties of marine life, including endangered sea turtles, and is produced by sabelarid marine worms. This fragile ecosystem works to build the complex formations of limestone and grains of sand.

Cannon Beach, in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, is a must see for lovers of Florida history and shipwrecks. It's one of the most fun ways to see artifacts from centuries-old submerged shipwrecks. In the calm, shallow waters of Cannon Beach, this is a popular spot for families to swim with young children. Wildlife abounds below the water surface at Phil Foster Park, in Palm Beach County, with a snorkel route 60 feet from Phil Foster Beach.

This site attracts underwater photographers, divers and divers alike. Spanning two acres and full of tropical fish and marine animals, visitors can witness more than 300 species of wildlife. Located next to the picturesque A1A, between the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and South Beach Park, Red Reef Beach has an artificial reef where divers can see a variety of tropical fish. The reef is shallow, so plan to snorkel when the tide is high.

The Nature Center helps protect marine life in the area, including watching sea turtles walk and releasing their young. Dubbed the world capital of shark teeth, the turquoise waters of Venice Beach are a paradise for shark-tooth hunters. Snorkel in search of those treasures along the coast around the reef, located a quarter of a mile from the coast. Lifeguards, free parking, food concessions and other services make Venice an ideal place to spend a day at the beach. Andrews State Park to see why the Panhandle is called the Emerald Coast.

A rocky pier forms a protected lagoon in the Gulf of Mexico where it is easy to dive and is flanked by a white sand beach. It's a perfect way for beginners and families with children to escape the heat. Its rugged beauty and impressive rock formations make Coral Cove Park a popular beach destination in Southeast Florida. On a quiet day, you could confuse the waters of this beach with those of the Caribbean. Its clarity and its countless species of marine animals, such as rays, tropical fish and seahorses, will lead you to discover something exciting every time you take a dip in the waters.

Nurse sharks, spiny lobsters, and a variety of tropical fish are just a few of the species that divers can see in Dr. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park in Dania Beach. The 2.5-mile stretch of beach is easy to snorkel and dive from the coast. This underdeveloped ecosystem is the perfect place to explore Florida's national treasures south of Port Everglades. Rent snorkel equipment at Bahia Honda State Park or take advantage of available group tours.

This windy coastline, open all year round, is ideal for adventures on and off the coast. Nature lovers can discover why this historic and recreational paradise is the ideal place to find the ocean or sit back and enjoy incredible sunsets. There are a few Florida state parks in Northwest Florida that have beaches where you can go snorkeling. Destin FL is one of these popular beach towns in Northwest Florida. The East Pass and Destin piers on Destin Bridge on U.

S. The piers serve as artificial reefs where fish abound. Destin is known for its white sand beaches and stunning views of crystal blue waters but some of its most captivating landscapes are found beyond its beaches and below its surface. Joseph Bay Indian Pass Lagoon South Walton make it ideal for watching marine life scallops during summer season. The crystal clear waters region's springs also perfect diving meeting freshwater creatures face face.

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